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Fishing Gear
Here at The Bent Rod Outdoors we love to fish, and our fishing department reflects that.   Living in Central Idaho, we are fortunate to have access to blue ribbon trout streams, high mountain lakes and reservoirs, salmon and Steelhead fishing, and warm-water fish at some of our lower elevations.  These diverse fishing opportunities allow us to test a wide variety of fishing gear and hand-pick only the best items to offer to our customers.  
If you like to fish lakes, small streams, float large rivers, or chase Steelhead, we’ve got you covered.  If you need help selecting a rod, picking the right fly, matching a rod to a reel, selecting the proper line weight or just patching your waders, we're here to help.
We are a full-service Orvis dealer and we also carry a selection of other brands such as Scientific Angler, Loon, Chums, Fisherman Eyewear, Korkers, Ross, Outcast and St. Croix Rods.  We have an impressive selection of flies and all the accessories you need to get out there and catch fish.