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Leaders and Tippet

Never underestimate the importance of a quality leader and tippet. The right leader and tippet can mean the difference between an amazing day or a fishless day. Whether you’re going to be nymphing, dryline fishing, or stripping streamers, there’s choices to be made.  The Bent Rod Outdoors has an excellent selection of line, leader and tippet including Orvis and Scientific Angler. Let us help you hook up and stay hooked.
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Orvis Mirage Pure Fluorocarbon Tippet - 30 Meter Spool
$14.95  $11.95
20 In Stock
Orvis Mirage Trout Leaders 1 Pack
2 In Stock
Orvis PolyLeader
16 In Stock
Orvis SuperStrong Plus Nylon Leaders 2 Pack
40 In Stock
Orvis SuperStrong Plus Tippet 30 Meters
48 In Stock