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Mackay Specials
The Bent Rod Custom Flies - Mackay Special

Mackay Specials

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The Mackay Special is a woven fly tied with horse mane, floss and hackle.The Mackay Special is best known as the go to fly on the Big Lost River in Idaho. It is used as a imitation for the Crane Fly adult (reddish brown color) but is also available in several other color variations . We also like to use it when the Golden Stones are out or just as a general attractor pattern in the summer months. The Mackay Special works best skating against the current while twitching your rod tip to make it skip, and as it reaches the bottom of the swing giving a few short strips. (Photos on the fly will be on our site soon). We tie this fly  by special order currently and it may take take 10-12 days depending on back orders before shipping. We tie our "specials" with the hackle woven into the weave as it should be, not palmered on the outside like others, making it almost indestructible. Any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail or calling the store.

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