1. Sole Footbed Thin Sport

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Sole Footbed Thin Sport

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Thin Sport
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The Thins Sport is the  most minimal footbed consisting of a moldable orthopedic base layer combined with a simple moisture-wicking top sheet. Commonly used in soccer cleats and cycling shoes, they provide performance enhancing support in minimal, tight-fitting footwear. These footbeds offer custom orthopedic support that provides equalized pressure distribution, reduced plantar fascia strain, increased balance and feel, and improved natural heel cushioning.

Every pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds feature the same moldable orthopedic base layer. This supportive base layer adapts to your foot without compromising the orthopedic shape, giving you a comfortable, customized fit.

To achieve the highest level of customization in the shortest amount of time, heat your footbeds in an oven prior to fitting them in your footwear.

You can also wear mold your new footbeds by simply removing the factory sock liners from your footwear and inserting your new SOLE Custom Footbeds. The footbed will adapt to your unique foot after a few days of regular use.

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